Landmark Green County

Dimension:1.32 ACRES

Location : Bolar, Mangalore
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Landmark Oxygen Thokkottu

Dimension:35.5 CENTS

Location : Thokkottu, Mangalore
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Landmark Falnir

Dimension: 13 cents.

Location : Mangalore
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Shalimar liverpool

Dimension: 66 cents.

Location : Mangalore
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Flats in Mangalore:

Exploring possibilities of luxurious living.

A variety of options are available nowadays for homemakers choose from, whether it be flats, villas, lofts, studio apartments or for that matter luxury flats in Mangalore. The option that suits one’s lifestyle best can be chosen depending upon the budget in hand and your choice. Today a large chunk of society dreams of owning their flats.

If you are looking forward to upgrade your lifestyle and buying a luxury flat in Mangalore then you should definitely have a look and go through our website for the upcoming and finished projects. The housing options provided by us provide you an experience of an advancing your lifestyle and living in a community while giving you the comfort of a home as well.

These luxury flats in Mangalore stand an example to the harmonious match between the rural and urban culture and lifestyle. The beauty and serenity of the greenery inside will give you the feel of the rural touch while other facilities such as large swimming pools, entertainment centers, wellness centers, gymnasiums etc. offer you the lifestyle of an urbanized city. These are a cluster of facilities that can be availed by you all at the same time and the same place. There are other benefits of living in luxury flats which should solely govern your choice of the apartment.

The comfort of living in a luxury flat is truly heavenly, with generally large and spacious rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, balconies and terrace. The generally large terrace helps in easy mobility and provides an overall convenience for a living. Another fascinating fact is that you get a whole paranomic view of the city right from the balcony of your apartment. This also provides a very soothing as well as relaxing effect after a long and hectic day of work at the office. In other words, it is pure bliss to behold such a captivating view.

Another factor to be considered is the security. The security in these luxury flats in Mangalore operates very effectively. A serious attitude is adopted towards taking enough care so that there is no violation of the privacy of the residents. The all time presence of security guards at the entrance ensures that no stranger is allowed without prior permission. Trespassing is strictly prohibited. With a rise in the security threats faced by the homeowners, this feature of luxury flats in Mangalore provides the much needed relief.

Landmark infratech: A halt to your search for Budgeted flats in Mangalore

No discussion about flats is complete without the mention of Landmark infratech. They are one among their kind, Budgeted flats in Mangalore situated near the Bolar main road and are duly connected with all of the important entertainment centers in the city.

Homes that don’t create holes in the pocket.

The search for a house in the city proves to be of a challenge due to the major factor of long distance searches for flats with a limited amount of budget in hand. But still if a systematic approach is followed for the search of budgeted flats in Mangalore then one can easily figure out and find flats and apartments suiting to their needs and requirements.

Another important thing to be kept in mind before the selection of flats is the reputation of the people that are promoting or else operating the Budgeted flats in Mangalore.

The other basic shared amenities in the apartments are swimming pools, lawns. Badminton courts, gymnasiums, etc. The residents here make more use of these facilities provided. The staff and the other operators are very reliable and ensure that the regular maintenance of these shared amenities is carried out in a proper manner and at scheduled time intervals.

Flats for sale in Mangalore at jaw dropping prices:

For people wanting to own a house directly amidst nature's lap, unfolding into its beauty along with all facilities of a modern lifestyle, Mangalore is the best place to be. A housing complex situated right in the heart of the city, easily accessible from all remote corners, with well established linkage to all the entertainment centers of the city , can prove to be highly magnetic to a large cluster of people and is one that can definitely not be missed out on.

Opportunity knocks on your door only once and this has come forward to you in the disguise of Landmark infratech. The company offers flats for sale in mangalore that are mystic architectural marvels that depict the hard work and effort put into its construction. With its presence right in the heart of the city these flats for sale in mangalore are located at the Bolar main road that is approachable from all corners with easy means to commute. For the ones hunting for an all in one package these flats for sale in Mangalore are a one stop solution. This also is an agreeable method to minimize the problems faced by people in urban living nowadays.

These are well furnished apartments with ample of car parking space and 24*7 security at the gates. The security in charge, fully aware of their duties and the demand for security are not permitted to allow any unknown person into the society without prior permission from the residents. Besides this, the large and spacious rooms, kitchen and bathroom provide an advantage of easy mobility. The electricity wiring of these flats for sale in mangalore has been done by the city’s best technicians and care has been taken to maintain pace with all the required parameters.

The amenities offered by these flats for sale in Mangalore are also making their buyers gullible. These flats have wellness centers, in house swimming pools as well as gymnasiums and media houses.

Selected only are those properties that have huge prospects of growth in the present and future. These flats for sale in Mangalore that have been built by us are listed on the official website of the company that is This website provides you with information not only about all our past major projects but it also provides the information regarding the upcoming major ones.