Landmark Green County

Dimension:1.32 ACRES

Location : Bolar, Mangalore
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Landmark Oxygen Thokkottu

Dimension:35.5 CENTS

Location : Thokkottu, Mangalore
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Landmark Falnir

Dimension: 13 cents.

Location : Mangalore
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Shalimar liverpool

Dimension: 66 cents.

Location : Mangalore
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Apartments in Mangalore:

Apartments befitting to be christened as homes.

It is rightly said that an apartment is made at home by the people living in it and the environment in and around it. Hunting for apartments may prove to be a very mind boggling task in context of which apartments to pick and which one to drop. The selection of the location may also perplex and puzzle you to a far off extent. But all this demanding and tiring search for the apartments can come to a halt and get confined into one single name of Landmark Infratech.

These Landmark infratech are a promising real estate group that sets realistic goals of producing and providing their customers with apartments that can be called as homes and are ready to move in. These Landmark infratech have clubbed together the serenity of the ethnic era as well as the competency and the knack of the modern era to provide you a hassle free lifestyle.

The Landmark infratech are well aware about the exigency and requisite of owning an apartments and therefore provide you with their best projects. Along with the advantage of being located in the center of the city near the Bolar main road it has other attractive facilities to offer to you. The key features of their projects can be summed up as an all-round three sixty degree package of luxury and comfort that are mostly looked forward for a luxurious living. With 24*7 electricity backup. Well fitted sewage systems, 24*7 water supply and also above all proper CCTV installation these apartments provide you the much sort after gateway to your dream houses.

Landmark Infratech is well acquainted with the fact that the appearance of the apartments is also a big concern among the people looking forward towards owning an apartments. To live up to these expectations no stone has been left unturned to make sure that these apartments are designed to hypnotise and stupefy any person who sees them. The exteriors are designed intricately with the interiors equally beautiful which leave the beholder spell bound and mesmerised by its magnificent structure.

We provide you the best apartments at the cheapest price ever possible. Our motto is to deliver to our customers full satisfaction while maintaining with them a contingency of truth, pellucidity as well as confidence. The housing complexes and apartments built by Landmark Infratech is fully incorporated by all means the various modes of recreation and relaxation such as badminton courts, gymnasiums, clubs, open lawns and grounds full of greenery that keep you rejuvenated and also help you to maintain the equilibrium in your work and life balance.

These apartments are splendid in respect to the location they have been built at, their mystifying appearance, design and the facilities provided. Selection of the right apartment helps you create memories for life time that shall be cherished all way long throughout your life.

Re-exploring contemporary lifestyle

At some point of time or the other, not owning a house creates a lacuna in one’s life. The luxury apartments in Mangalore have definitely done a great help to people living in the city of Mangalore to fulfil this lacuna and empty space by providing the people of the city with the best luxury apartments in Mangalore they have and continue to keep providing better and better homes.

These luxury apartments in Mangalore prove to be an attractive option for people wanting to own a house right in the heart of the city and amidst all the hustle and bustle of the port city along with lush green surroundings. All the nature loving people who prefer living in deep relations with the nature are the ones that mostly find solace in these luxury apartments. Strategically located and well connected by all means of transport along with the city’s major recreation and entertainment centres these luxury are well looked up to and sorted after.

There are huge benefits of living in luxury apartments in mangalore, notably safety, convenience, security and many others.

Security is a major issue to be paid attention to nowadays and this is very well solved by living in here. Intrusion serves no question here due to the entire premises being protected by security guards and CCTV cameras, creating a safe and secure environment for all the residents of the complex.

Enjoying the eye catching and breathtaking views of the port city perched on the top of your apartment or balconies can surely provide you the much needed relaxation after a long day at work. The moment you set foot in the complex premises, the lush greenery has lots of oxygen and much more to offer you. The views of the all round environment of the premises serves as a feast to the eyes of the beholder.

Convenient and comfortable moving around is a pleasure owing to the large kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. You have a wide range to pick up from as per your choice - duplex residences, three bedrooms and studios.

The added advantage of having a health care centre right at your disposal and with medical practitioners of years’ long experience and expertise is sure to lure anyone wanting to own luxury apartments in Mangalore. These wellness centres ensure that you are provided the best health care services and consultation all round the year.

Vehicle security offered for keeping your vehicles in safe and sound condition is also a benefit that cannot go unnoticed. It is the duty of the officials to ensure that your car is protected from the wrath of nature and other natural calamities as well.

You will seldom find any Landmark infratech that offer you all facilities and comfort of experiencing a luxurious lifestyle at such appropriate rates. If you are looking forward to own a luxury apartments in Mangalore then go ahead without any delay looking for the best you can have from these Landmark Infratech